Friday, June 10, 2011

My Relection of Retreat

On Wednesday morning after the bell we left the school grounds. When we got to the St Francis Centre we jumped out of the car and got our bags. We went in the big house and we had to go in the chapel and all get a candle to light then we got told instructions from Br.Philip. We went upstairs and had a look at the bedrooms which was cool. After we had a little view around the place we went in a big room and played cool games. We all got a card each then you had to find the group that had the same card. Finally we had something to eat and went up and had lots more activities. The one I liked was when we built an ark using the stuff you had in the bag. The bag was different to the others. When we finished we went to the pond at the back and see if that it could float for five minutes. My groups ark floated.

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